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Thoughts over the past month

I was doing an online therapy program recently. The idea is to do some self study, write journal entries and use other tools to help manage things. As with most things, I lost interest fairly quickly. I'll have some telephone counselling instead. The one aspect of the program I did engage with well was the… Continue reading Thoughts over the past month

The big questions

Long term depression and anxiety are difficult things. For me they have manifested in cycles of behaviour. With anxiety, anything retreated from is noted as something that ought to be avoided, by the ever practical systems in the brain. With depression, you have negative thoughts about yourself and your life, this evokes negative feelings, affecting… Continue reading The big questions

“I’ve never known you to shy away from difficult problems”

My supervisor said this to me once, when I was dragging my feet on a project to rejuvinate some old code for a rig in our lab. Some of the parts of the code used discontinued products, and my aim was to sort of keep the structure intact by filling these gaps left behind by… Continue reading “I’ve never known you to shy away from difficult problems”