I really want therapy to go well tomorrow. My therapist and I agreed we would talk about my previous post on resentment. She asked me to write something down about resentments, because they relate with something called attachment theory. I don't know much about this yet but I have a book called The Compassionate Mind… Continue reading Expectations


True resentment

I am more aware recently that the things I write are subject to bias. The bias is from whatever emotion I am feeling at the time. I try only to write when I am feeling good, because why catalogue page upon page of negative thoughts when I could actively re-train my brain to only write… Continue reading True resentment

Out of nothing, everything

I must remember to be measured here. There is no good week or bad week, everything is negotiable. I can't shake this feeling that I am slipping back into the nothingness. I had a really productive few weeks recently, but the last fortnight has barely seen any work whatsoever. I have also lost momentum with… Continue reading Out of nothing, everything