Food and stuff

I wrote yesterday about how things are going (they are good) but I realised that I only talked about work. I did not talk about eating. My eating patterns in the last few weeks (coinciding precisely with the change in work habits) are not good. I am somewhere between starving myself and bingeing/purging, and it’s… Continue reading Food and stuff


Why did it take so long?

To write a blog post I must feel optimistic, the alternative is unthinkable. In the past I think I have overstated how well I think things are going. In the past few weeks something has changed in a big way. Something inside me is awake. I haven’t been this invested in my PhD since the… Continue reading Why did it take so long?

Why is it different this time?

It continues to become apparent that people around me know me better than I know myself. I have this cycle, I will feel bad and not do things. It begins with some fear of failure, and hence the mind decides to insulate me from even attempting the thing. No attempt means no failure, but also… Continue reading Why is it different this time?